Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Talk Cutting Boards

John Boos cutting boards are the industry gold standard when it comes to beautiful, high quality wood chopping blocks and cutting boards. Every cook, pro or amateur, should have one, and if they don't have one, I guarantee they want one.

LinkI recently ordered a Boos board from my friends at Cymax at their More Kitchen Carts web store. They have a big selection of high quality John Boos cutting boards to choose from, many of them on sale and with free shipping. With Father's Day just around the corner, now is the time to get the cook in your life something that he/she will really enjoy, for years to come.

The Boos Professional BBQ Cutting Board that I selected can be found here. It arrived within 5 business days, and as you can see from the pics above, it's a beautiful and functional addition to my kitchen. BTW, the antique carving set has been in my family for many, many years, and was handed down to me from my grandparents. I can remember my Grandpa and my Dad carving our Thanksgiving turkeys and hams using this carving knife and fork. I only wish they'd had one of these great John Boos cutting boards to carve on. Happy Father's Day, and enjoy your new Boos cutting board ... I love mine!

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