Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Piggy Mountain Breakdown

Bought a whole boneless pork loin on sale $1.69/lb ~ weighed about 8 pounds ~ total cost was about $13.50 ... cut it up into 13 thick boneless pork chops, 4 thin pork cutlets for making schnitzel or pork tender sands, 1 pork roast and 3 servings of pork for stir fry. Retail cost on all these cuts would have been over $40

Here's the pork roast, seasoned & ready for a sear ~ then roast w/root veggies

Seared, pan then deglazed with beer & all the veggies added

Lid on and into 350* oven for about an hour ~ pork roast ~ ended up making a delicious horseradish gravy with the pan juices.


Joy Tilton said...

My favorite meat done up Sunday dinner proper! That is so smart buying the loin and cutting it up. We have a Tyson employee store that we shop and recently they had beef tenderlions, pretty big ones on sale. We bought 4! My question Chef is they are larger around so when we sliced the first one up to package in filets, it's much larger than a petite cut...I mean around. We cut about 1 1/2" thick. Could I cut them in half and then wrap in bacon or should I just pick really special people to tie on the feed bag with us??

Chez said...

cut a beautiful filet mignon in half?? blasphemy!! lol i guess you *could* do that ... but i wouldn't. i'm guessing that they are only that big in circumference right in the middle of the tenderloin, so i would cut your petite filets from each end and leave that center section whole & make a beautiful beef wellington roast, or a chateaubriand. or ... you could just send it to me and i will dispose of it properly!! (g)