Sunday, May 25, 2008

Birthday In PerryDice

Spent my birthday at The Perrydice Lodge yesterday ~ good friends, great food, groovy music and beautiful environs ~ hard combination to beat! Thanks to NoBob & Lil' Missy for makin' this ol' coonass' day ... tru dat. And Hoppy mah frien ... here's yer Heavenly Houseboat Blues ~ Townes Van Zandt

I'm building a houseboat in heaven
To sail those deep and holy seas
I'm building a houseboat in heaven
And it's welcome aboard you sweet, sweet peace

The bow she is made of solid silver
And the hull she is made of solid gold
She ain't too much long the line's a-floating
But she's yours, babe, to have and to hold

I rode my old guitar to heaven
But heaven didn't feel too much like home
So I'm headed out onto them lonesome oceans
In my ruby studded houseboat to roam

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