Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When Life Gives Ya Beans

Make Some Kicked-Up Homemade Refried Bean Dip!


~Mooney said...


I thought that rice mix was going to be ABT's?

On a totally different note, i am curious to know if you have ever heard Bill Chambers before?

Chez said...

hay mooney ~ i'll be making the abts tomorrow ... made refried beans today ~ different mixture, although both started with those pintos. nope, cain't say i've heard of bill chambers ~ who he is?

~Mooney said...

When you click the "life gives you beans" link, it leads you to the rice and pinto ABT stuffing.

Bill Chambers is a singer song writer from Australia. He is the father of Kasey Chambers, a very popular Americana (her good stuff) turned pop artist (her later and not near as good stuff) She is a superstar down under, and her dad is gaining popularity. He took the family to the outback (nullibor Plain) when he decided to live off the land, and make his money trapping and hunting. He taught Kasey how to play, and they started with a family band called the Dead Ringer Band. He has a couple of really good albums, but they are harder to find in America. Kasey's albums are all over, but her best stuff was the first 3 albums. And the Dead Ringer Band can be about impossible to find. When i find some online storage space, i will burn my Bill Chambers albums, and link you to them. You can try and look him up, but i know has none of his stuff.

Chez said...

when you click that link, it takes you to a slide show ~ the first half of the slide show is making the abt stuffing, and the last half of the slide show is making the refried bean dip. i'll make the abts tomorrow and add them to the slide show.

i'm familiar with kasey chambers - will check out her dad's stuff.