Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Ol' Honkin' Man Steak

Over 2 pounds of choice grade, aged angus porterhouse t-bone love ~ charred to a precise turn, med/rare over hot, hot hardwood coals ~ dressed with mushrooms sautee'd in roasted garlic compound herb butter and sided with thick cut homemade steak fries. It was a beautiful thing. Here's a lil' slide show <---click
David Doucet ~ Midland Two-Step


Anonymous said...

Yo Brotherman, Glad to see those new grinders are working out for ya. Wouldn't want ya wastin away to nothin. Edder

Chez said...

beats hell out of eatin' oatmeal.

~Mooney said...

A Steak like that beats the hell out of eating ANYTHING else. you must be havin some ok weather to cook on the grill. Today, we topped out at 22, and its 8 now. I like cooking on the weber kettle in the winter, but our windchill at 5pm was 4. I am ready for spring already, though i will feel different as soon as i get out ice fishing. Keep the fires burning this winter my man!!!