Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fat Johnny's Soup Kitchen

This cold weather got me in the mood for soup ~ so I hauled off and made this chowder ... corn & andouille chowder. It's thick and creamy as all git out, hearty chunks of dat good Fritz's smoked andouille, new garden potatoes, corn, bacon, onions & celery, fresh garlic and fresh herbs, chicken stock and whole milk ~ liquid love in a bowl. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughn ~ Jimmy Reed Highway


Anonymous said...

Hey Brotherman, Is the white sauce you make for a "cream of" soup just a undercooked roux? I tried the one out of the Joy of Cooking and missed. My cream of mushroom turned out more like chipped up mushrooms in white water. What am I missing? Butter flour milk to a gravy like consistencey. Do you thicken with anything else? Regards Edder

Chez said...

it's a 2-part process. first, you make a roux. for thickening cream soups, or making cream gravies, cream sauces, etc ... you make a blonde roux. you can make a blonde with oil or butter, and flour. i like using butter blonde rouxs, but use oil for darker longer cooked cajun rouxs. blonde roux just means it's light colored ... i.e., not cooked very long. even when making a blonde roux, you gotta cook it for a couple minutes, just to cook the raw flour taste out. capisco? so now, once you got yer blonde butter roux made ... you make your *cream of* soup ... with milk or cream. once you have the soup made, you just add some of the blonde roux to the soup to thicken it. the soup needs to be at a slow-rollin' boil when you whisk in the roux, or the roux won't bloom & thicken the soup. easy peasy.

Anonymous said...

You ever write a cook book? You Da man. Edder