Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eat Your Fruit

Here's a couple good ways to sneak some fruit into yer diet ~ the scratch brownies above have a couple of ripe bananas mashed into the batter, and the oatmeal had a handful of locally grown cherries folded in during the last couple minutes of cooking ~ both turned out very good. Also ... the oatmeal is drizzled with some homemade apple/maple syrup ... definately not yer father's oatmeal.
Long John Baldry ~ The Midnight Special


Joycee said...

Those are great ideas. I'll have to try the bananas in brownies. By the time I get finished adding to my bowl of oatmeal, it ain't healthy no more! haha
joy c.

Chez said...

well, if you put too much brown sugar & butter & syrup on yer oatmeal ... just eat a salad with it. a salad cancels out all dat unhealthy stuff ~ or so i'm told. (g)