Friday, April 9, 2010

Love Me Some Cajun Power

Man, I do love these products ~ made and distributed by a lil' family owned business in Louisiana ... and they are not only great products, but they are great to do business with too. The time honored tradition of lagniappe is alive & well at Cajun Power.

Mais ... I be cookin' cajun now, ah garrontee!


Big Dude said...

I have a bottle of the garlic sauce, which I'm not sure what to use for, so I look forward to hearing what you do with it.

Chez said...

bigdude, best advice i can give you (and i tell everyone this when they have a new/unfamiliar ingredient) is to taste it ... taste it good ... pour a teaspoon full of that garlic sauce into a spoon & taste it. your taste buds should tell you how to use it, after you know it's flavor profile. i like the original garlic sauce better than the spicy one - gives me the option of adding the *garlic* flavor without all the heat. if i want it hotter, i can always add my own heat. i use the garlic sauce in just about all my cajun cooking - jambalaya, gumbos, etouffee, sauce picante, etc. i'm making a batch of baked beans right now - apple pie baked beans ... and i put about 1/4 cup of cajun power garlic sauce in them.