Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ribs & Romanoff

Slab of spares trimmed St Louie ~ Oakridge BBQ rubbed & applewood smoked

Some of the rib tips from the St Louie trim ~ couple of the big one will end up in a pot of beans, and the rest of them ended up being cook's treats = lunch

Rib tips drizzled with a lil' my homemade cherry/pepper bbq sauce = lunch

Homemade tubular noodles Romanoff ~ hot out the oven

Sour cream, butter & parmesan cheese ~ what's not to like?
The Reeltime Travelers ~ Mebbe The Last Time


Anonymous said...

How you like dat Oakridge rub John.


Chez said...

i like it real good, kenny ~ been reaching for it a lot lately. i haven't tried them all, but the ones i've tried are very high quality & well blended. you know mike trump?

Anonymous said...

I know Mike just from the internet. I applied for team sponsorship. Made it to the half way zone. Just haven't had the time to order up some of it.


OakridgeBBQ said...

Hey fellas! Chez, those ribs look awesome! I'm really tickled you like our new rubs. If you have any of those cheesy noodles left over, try a good sprinkle of our Game Bird & Chicken rub over them... I think you'll be happy with the results.