Thursday, September 11, 2008

BBQ Command Center

Here's a pic of my lil' command center out in the smokeshop, which is attached to the garage. The entire east wall is a sliding garage door that opens up out onto the back yard, making it a groovy spot to sit & have my morning coffee ... or sit in the evenings & have a cold one while listening to the baseball game on one of my antique radios. I also have my old Kenwood stereo/turntable set up out there & tons of good music to bbq by. Today, I'm gonna fire up the old red Weber kettle & cook some fresh ground bacon-wrapped hamburger steaks.
Waylon ~ I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Mais, these really turned out great ~ fresh ground chuck-eye steak charbroiled & served up with grilled/caramelized sweet onions, homemade mustard potato salad, chipotle baked beans and sliced homegrown tomatoes. Slide show <---click

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