Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ode To Barns Past

Old barn in Marshall County, Kansas
Ode to Barns Past

Conceived in need, and built with pride
By careful loving hands
Mystique, with styles of purpose blend
From your ancestral lands

Your mow and stall made food for all
With plenty left to sell
You’ve sheltered countless herds and flocks
And served your masters well

Technology, or laziness
It’s hard to trace the blame
For our neglect of your distress
We all share common shame

As future craftsmen reconstruct
Your every joint and truss
May history be as kind to you
As you have been to us

A death no reason justifies
A tragic way to end
So as we say our last goodbyes
We must add, "Thank You, Friend"

Richard Talada

Jimmy Elledge ~ Funny How Time Slips Away

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