Thursday, September 25, 2008

Justin Wilson - Gumbo

This ol' coonass sure could spin a yarn, ah garrontee!


Anonymous said...

Yo Chez, I thought you always used the trinity in gumbo. Do you leave out stuff depending on what type of gumbo you're makin. My seafood gumbo comes out pretty good but I quit trying to make chicken sausage gumbo. It kept turning out like my meatloaf. UNEATEN Edder

Chez said...

lol ~ wazzup edder? ol' justin is a culinary icon, especially in louisiana ... but truth is, he wasn't all that good a cook. the trinity is the foundation for almost ALL cajun/creole cooking, not just gumbo ... but if a cook wants to leave one of the components out, that's their choice ... it's all about personal preferences. me, i not only use the trinity ... i use the HOLY trinity, which includes garlic.