Friday, September 12, 2008

Red Friday ~ Raider Week!!

OK, so the Chiefs suck this year ... but guess what ~ the Raiders suck even more! I found a bookmaker that has the Chiefies -3 ... whooooboy, I'm all over that ... are you kiddin' me ... Chiefies at Arrowhead with 70,000 Raider Haters in the stadium, and they're only giving 3 points? Prolly because Brodie Croyle is hurt and Huard is going to start ... but that's a positive, not a negative. I'm bettin' the farm on this one <---click. My boy Damon Huard will rise to the occasion, as he always does ~ Go Chiefies!!
James Gang ~ Funk #49


~Mooney said...

Ouch! If only foresight were as good as hindsight huh Chez? Now betting on the Pack today would have made you good haul!

Chez said...

yeah, chiefs suck worse than i thought ~ when huard went down, it was all she wrote. chiefies are done, stick a fork in'em. btw, i did bet on the cheeseheads today. (g)

~Mooney said...

Good call there. Could you believe Chris Berman called for the game to be 21-20 Detroit? The pack may be be anything special this year, but it will be a cold day in hell when we lose to the Lions! I hope berman bet big that way just for talking such nonsense on national TV!! I would serve him right!