Friday, September 4, 2009

Tales From The Coonass Charcuterie

Mais, I got up this morning & got busy lickety-split makin' sausage ~ broke down & prepped all the pork butt and brisket yesterday & got my spice blends ready ... so this morning I was all ready to start grindin' & stuffin'. I just finished making about 6-7# of breakfast sausage and portioned it into 6 rolls, wrapped and into the freezer. Got the 60/40 pork butt, brisket point blend mixed with the spices & a bunch of fresh sliced/brined serranos ~ gettin ready to go stuff it into coils & links right now. Looks like I got about 13-15# of that, so that oughtta give me about 7-8 nice big 2# coils of hot sausage fer smokin' ... and when I was bustin' down those butts & briskets I cut 6 nice thick center-cut pork steaks ... will run them thru the smoker to git a lil' burn on'em, then braise them tender in some homemade roasted green chile sauce & shred'em fer makin' enchiladas, tacos, etc. Lastly, and certainly not leastly, I ended up with a nice brisket flat fer smokin' & making sliced bbq brisket. Total cash outlay for all this meat about $35 ... retail on all the finished product prolly over $150 ~ dat grinder & stuffer has paid fer itself several times over, yeh.

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Rawtalent said...

An afternoon with a grinder and stuffer and ya got alot of good eatin' ahead of you.