Monday, November 29, 2010

Odds & Ends

Pumpkin French Toast ~ made with a homemade cinnamon roll

The pumpkin custard/egg dip was made w/leftover pumpkin pie

Pulled pork bbq with homemade french fries, slaw & cornbread with Steen's cane syrup


Anonymous said...

Never do see any of that good ol country fried crappie! What up with that. Water temp is 40-42 and the slabs be gathering in search of some jigs to bite on. I got a couple of 3 schools pegged and the hammerin has commenced at my very favorite place to be on the water.

If you're willin, I'm able. Could rendezvous at Stull, KS. You don't need nutn, I got it all and too much more.

You're volley.


Anonymous said...

Note: Stull, KS. Unincorperated junction on old 40Hwy between Topeka and Lawrence. Dead post office, couple churches and a grave yard.

Chez said...

gonna hafta pass, busta ~ but thanks anyway. tight lines.