Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ain't No Damn Sissy Sammie

Mais, they don't teach you how to make this sandwich at Martha Stewart cooking school, no. I'm a skilled and experienced bigassed sandwich eater ... but this bad boy was a challenge ~ 4 alternating layers of tender, smoky burnt ends & sliced beef brisket, topped with raw Vidalia onion rings. Ain't no damn sissy *sammie*......
Paul Butterfield ~ Done A Lot Of Wrong Things


Mutha Chicken BBQ said...


you da man Big Daddy.

johnh said...

That looks so good it's about to wake mu up late at night.
Tell us about your camera set up!

Chez said...

no special camera set-up, to speak of. i use a canon powershot s1 is with a 10x zoom / auto setting ... no lighting other than the spotlight above the island in my kitchen.