Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grits Ain't Groceries...

But smoked, homegrown tomato grits with caramelized onions & aged white cheddar cheese ... is damn good eats! Whoooboy, you slap'em with a knob of butter big enough to choke a goat ... then top'em with a pile of fresh crispy fried green tomatoes, then dust the whole shebang with a lil' cajun seasoning ~ fry mah hide!! If yer mama din't make'em dat way, you wasn't raised right, ah garrontee. Here's a lil' slide show. <---click
Levon Helm ~ Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Holy Moley ... phone's been ringin' off the wall, folks wantin' recipe fer smoked tomato grits ~ ain't got no recipe, but I can gestalt it for ya. I just took a big fat, ripe homegrowed t'mater & sliced it thick ... brushed dem slices wit a lil' EVOO ... seasoned wit a lil' salt & pepper, then onto a flat pan so I wouldn't lose none the juices, and into mah smoker whilst I was smokin' some chicken wit pecan wood. Smoked them 'mater slices real good, until they was real soft & smoky ... mebbe 'bout 2 hours. Then dump them smoked 'maters & juice in the blender with 1 cup water and 1 cup milk, and blend it real good ~ badda boom, dat's yer liquid you gonna cook yer grits in, yeh?

Now ... start yer saucepan with about a TBSP or two of bacon grease, add about 1/2 sweet Vidalia onion (chopped) and commence to caramelizin' the onion good'n'proper, med heat ... when onion is caramelized, dump dat smoky 'mater liquid mixture in the pan, throw a knob of butter in there, stir it good & bring it up to a slow-rollin' boil & stir in a 1/2 cup quick grits. NOT instant grits ... QUICK grits. Stir, stir, stir ... and mebbe 'bout 8-7 minutes later, you got yerself some smoked tomato grits! Now you gotta cheese'em up ... so take dat pan off the stove, and stir in about 2 cup or so of good shredded cheddar cheese ... and don't use dat damn cheap imitation fake cheese, ya'hear? Use good cheese ... me, I used some good sharp aged, white Tillamook cheddar ... why? ... because that's what I had on hand, dat's why.

That's mah story, and I'm stickin' to it.

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