Friday, July 18, 2008

Tanner's Onion Rings

Celebratin' the end of the Vidalia onion season ... with some homemade steak-cut onion rings for a lil' snack. I learned how to make these onion rings when I was Chef at a big sports bar in Kansas City, called Tanner's. The secret is in the *spoo* ~ these bad-boys have been voted "Best Onion Rings In Kansas City" for many years runnin' .. and there's a reason for dat, ah garrontee!
Sonny Landreth ~ Mississippi Blues
Fresh Peach & Blueberry Clafoutie

Mais, I got me a frien down Sout Carolina way ..... he goes by *Rawtalent* ... and he turned me on to this foofoo Frenchie dessert called clafoutie. It sure looked and sounded good, so today I hauled off and made me some ~ whooooboy, I ain't nevah gonna make fun them froggies & their foofoo desserts again, me, no ... this is some seriously good eats. Tru dat!! See the video here: <----click


ron montgomery said...

I really enjoy your blog and posts on the BBQ Forum

Chez said...

howdy ron - how y'all are? glad you enjoy mah ramblins ~ 'preciate the props. don't be a stranger on the front porch now, ya'heah?