Friday, July 25, 2008

Burnt Ends ~ True To The 'Que

Here's a big plateful of burnt ends hot out my smoker ~ chunked, dunked & smoky caramelized hunks of tender, juicy bovine love ~ like buttah! Made from the point of a beef brisket, burnt ends (originally called beef brownies) were born in Kansas City, when Henry Perry & Arthur Bryant would sell the *burnt ends* of their briskets out the trunk of their car, to po'folk on the street, for 10 cents a pound. Nowdays, good burnt ends fetch about $12-$16 a pound ... and most KC bbq joints that sell them run out of them early in the day. Properly made, burnt ends are THE HOLY GRAIL of bbq, IMHO ~ nothin' better. The piece de resistance to traditional Kansas City burnt ends is Arthur Bryant's original bbq sauce ~ only then, have you experienced real burnt ends. Be True To The 'Que.
Wayward Sons ~ Winter's Come And Gone

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