Friday, July 11, 2008

Is That A Chimichanga In Yer Pocket.....

Ry Cooder ~ Slide Guitar Blues


GB said...

Chez, you da'man!

I noticed a post of yours on the BBQ Forum that stated something about coming out of retirement?! Earn some cash by making an eBook of your recipes! I know I would be willing to pay some cash for such a beast.

By the way, you should have disclaimers posted on your site as well as with your posts around the net! Something that states: "Chez cannot be held personally responsible for the destruction of personal electronic devices as a result of drool or the attempt to taste the digital representations of my products! ;-) Damn!!!! Your stuff looks mighty fine!


Chez said...

LOL ~ was just kidding about coming out of retirement ... cooked professionally for 30-35 years ... just a hobby these days ~ it's a lot more fun now!!