Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maytag Blue

Ain't no steenkin' French *roquefort bleu* cheese ... it ain't no steenkin' British *stilton* cheese ... and it ain't no steenkin' Italian *gorgonzola* cheese, no. This exceptional, albeit slightly steenky, blue cheese is made right here in the good ol' USA ~ Iowa. Git'cha some ... you'll be glad ya did.

Delmore Brothers ~ Blues Stay Away From Me


Anonymous said...

The Delmore brothers were from my neck of the woods. Athens is about 15 miles from Huntsville. I got an autograph from Lionel (son and nephew of Alton and Rabon) When I deejayed country music down in Huntsville. He and John Anderson wrote Swangin.
one other little note, I see the song titles but don't get them to play anywhere. Are they there for the listening or just whats on your mind? Edder

Chez said...

every day i post a new tune to "today's tune - from chez's music vault" ... just click on mr natural to hear it. i blog the artist & title with a little arrow pointing. when i post a new tune next day, i take the old one down & disable the link & go Live with the new one, but leave the artist/title in the blog script so i have a record of what i've posted. gotta click mr natural every day.