Friday, January 30, 2009

Down On The Farm 2

The 2 photos above are of the old hen house, where we kept our layin' chickens. I remember going out to this building to *gather the eggs* when I was a kid ... until one time I reached into a nest to get some eggs and there was a big ol' cold, slimy black snake in there ... whooooboy, I went flying out that ol' hen house lickety split, ah garrontee!! I wasn't too keen on gatherin' the eggs after that...

This photo is of the old cattle loading chute that was adjacent to the cattle pens next to our barn ~ the chute was built by my Dad and one of the neighbors, Cecil Kolterman. I spent many hours as a kid, playing on and around this chute. It was my fort. All pics were taken by me, circa 1982.
Hazel Dickens ~ True Life Blues

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