Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pulled Pork And Kraut Pistolettes

I whooped up these homemade pistolettes yesterday ~ with smoked pulled pork, Bavarian kraut and Swiss cheese ... even put some caramelized onions and toasted caraway seeds in the dough. Served'em up hot out the oven with a cold beer and some whole grain mustard. Slide show <---click


~Mooney said...

Damn Chez, thats looks good. Never seen anything like that. Cooking myself this evening, its been awhile with my herniated disc acting up. Got some red beans and rice going, and just when i went to put in the fresh sausage i bought today, i noticed it was expired by 2 months. Lucky i had one last pack of venison brats in the deep freeze. Never made it with those, hope it turns out! At least i can eat scratch biscuits either way! Hope you had a great holidays!


Chez said...

hay mooney ~ holidays were laid back & groovy, but glad they're over.

Joycee said...

Like Kolaches, this one is a keeper! Very unique filling, it would be delicious.