Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Family Matriarchs

These are the leading ladies of my family ~ the 2 front and center are my grandmothers, my paternal grandmother Lyda Eddy (4th from left) and my maternal grandmother Merle Johns (4th from right) ~ each grandmother flanked by her kin sisters (my great aunts). I believe this picture was taken out at the Eddy homestead farm right after WWII, where my grandparents Walt & Lyda lived until I was born in '51 ... then they moved to town and my folks took up residence on the farm.


Kevin said...


Are you kin to Jim, Jay and Mike Eddy of Topeka? Used to play sports and bowl with them back in the day.

Houston, TX

Chez said...

well, they are prolly distant relatives ~ but i don't know them.