Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Havensville Bank

This is the bank in Havensville, both town and bank founded by my great grandfather, T.I. Eddy. I believe that is my great uncle Ira Eddy, standing in front ... and I have no idea who that cowpoke off to the side is ~ seems he had a faithful hound, though. This picture was taken early 1900s, probably around 1912-14. Note the livery stable/feed store behind the bank ... and also the outhouse. It looks like there is some snow on top the livery stable, which explains the white clumps in front of the bank ~ unmelted snow. The cowpoke has a heavy coat on, too ... so I'm guessin' this pic was taken late winter or early spring. Lastly, knowing the layout of the town, I know that the bank building faces ESE ... and judging by the low shadows cast on the buildings in this pic, it's apparent that the morning sun is pretty high in the sky ~ so I'm gonna say this pic was taken late morning, probably around 11 AM.
Flatt & Scruggs ~ Cora Is Gone

The wind through the night is blowing so lonesome
Singing to me a song
A whippoorwill call is just a reminder
Pretty girls have hearts made of stone

I'll wake with the blues at dawn
My darling Cora is gone
I don't know why she told me goodbye
But my darling Cora is gone

The ring that she wears I bought for her finger
Purchased her raiment so fine
Gave her my last greenback dollar
And now she's left me behind


Drifting along like brush on a river
Caring not where I roam
Going to live in a deep forest
Dark hollow will be my new home

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