Friday, February 12, 2010

Baked Steak W/Mushrooms & Onions

Mushrooms & caramelized onions w/fresh garlic & thyme ... cooked in the same pan as the steak was browned in. Tomorrow, I'll bake the steak/mushrooms/onions until the steak is tender, then make a brown hunter's style gravy with the pan juices ... and serve with a wild rice pilaf & steamed broccoli/cheese sauce.

This is the steak, choice grade top sirloin, that I found on sale today at the groceria ... $2.49/lb ... top sirloin is usually around $5/lb, so it was about 1/2 price. I bought about 7# of it for under $20 and cut it up into several types of steaks, chunks & trim that I ground up & made some fresh ground sirloin. Gonna make some sloppy joe with the ground sirloin ... above is 6 steaks that will be baked ... not pictured is 4 more larger top sirloin steaks (for the grill) and some nice lean chunks that I will use to make some stroganoff at a later date.

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