Thursday, August 14, 2008

The BBQ That Made Kansas City Famous

Famous cartoon of St. Peter greeting Arthur Bryant when he arrives at the Pearly Gates.
Old School BBQ ~ Arthur Bryants ~ the real deal. This is bbq before it went all gunky sweet & metro-sexual on us. If you are ever in Kansas City, this *bbq joint* should be your lunchtime destination ~ they INVENTED burnt ends, ferchristsakes ... and definately don't forget the fries ~ they're fresh cut, fried in lard and piled high!!
Lazy Lester ~ Tell Me Pretty Baby


~Mooney said...

hell, i have wanted to take a trip to KC for nothing BUT Arthur Bryants. Some day, i WILL eat there!

Chez said...

you will either love it, or hate it. nobody is *on the fence* when it comes to arthur bryants.

order a couple bottles of their original sauce ... and try it on your next brisket. it's a table sauce ... don't glaze with it, as it burns easily. lots of paprika in it.