Saturday, August 23, 2008

Deviled Ham & Eggs??

Just made some homemade ham salad (still on this damn soft diet) ... and decided to boil a few extra eggs & make some kicked-up hammy deviled eggs ~ mixed a bunch of the ham salad into the deviled egg filling ~ badda boom, deviled ham & eggs? It ain't no big ribeye steak, but it beats the hell out of oatmeal!! LOL
Tut Taylor & Brother Oswald ~ McKinley's Blues


~Mooney said...

That soft diet does not sound fun. If were up here in Wisconsin, i would invite you over for some smoked brisket shepherds pie. The brisket is might soft after cooking in that gravy, and potatoes are sure soft!

Chez said...

damn dude ... that sounds good, thanks for the idea. on second thought, wisconsin ain't dat far....