Saturday, August 16, 2008


Instead Of Just A Wishin'

Kitty Wells ~ Honky Tonk Angels

Fresh Brewed Watermelon Sweet Tea

yep, i went fishing this morning ... temps in the low 60's ~ beautiful day. i go to a lil' state lake out in the boonies about 20 miles from my house ... nobody there but me. caught a few fish ... threw'em back 'cause i cain't eat'em ... got home & had a powerful thirst, so i brewed me up a batch of sweet tea, luzianne don'tcha know.
so, while dat tea was steepin' i decided to cut into a lil' black diamond watermelon dat i had in the fridge & have me a slice of cold watermelon for lunch. did dat. watermelon was very good & juicy ... left a bunch of watermelon juice on the plate, and i started to drink it right off the plate ... then it hit me like a bolt from the blue ~ watermelon sweet tea

lickety split i commenced to trimmin' all dat watermelon rind & saving all the red trim and juice ... into the blender ... pulse pulse ... then strained it into the brewed sweet tea ... stir stir ... poured it over ice ~ voila ~ nectar of the gods!! lol

and if you think i throwed dat watermelon rind away ... think again. i trimmed it all up ... discarding the green skin ... gonna make some watermelon rind pickles soon as i eat the rest of the watermelon & harvest the rind. btw ... sweet pickled watermelon rind chunks, wrapped with a slice of bacon & smoked, is very good eats. tru dat. country boys can survive!!

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