Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soppin' The Gravy

Mais ... I hauled off last night & baked some scratch buttermilk catheads, for to sop up some SOS gravy ~ chipped beef. Seemed only fittin' to dig up this old-timey tune, so I could eat dem biscuits good'n'proper. Y'all keep yer skillet good 'n greasy now, y'heah.
Georgia Mudcats ~ How Many Biscuits Can You Eat


~Mooney said...

I love me some homemade scratch biscuits! Mine do not rise up quite that high though. Whats the trick to making em high rising cat head biscuits?

Chez said...

biscuits are easy to make, but there is a lil' science and technique involved. first, this is not the time to use good hard high-gluten flour ... i use 3 parts self-rising flour and 1 part ap flour ... also add some additional baking powder - then cut in your lard and butter ... i like to use both because they both have a purpose ... the lard makes for softer flakier biscuits, and the butter adds flavor and color. after that is cut into the flour, add the buttermilk unti dough just comes together ... very important not to overwork the dough. the buttermilk activates the baking powder ... gently press out the dough onto a cutting board ... gently! ... not too flat ... about an inch or a lil' thicker ... cut ... onto pan & bake in HOT oven ... 400-425* oven ... upper 1/3 of the oven so bottoms don't burn ... only takes 12-15 minutes, depending on how big you cut them ... just lightly browned & done ... i don't like overbaked biscuits ... very hot oven necessary so the moisture in the dough turns into steam & gives the biscuits their lift. i can make a batch of biscuits in about 15-20 minutes ... from the time i turn on the oven to preheat, until i take done biscuits out the oven. easy peasy.

~Mooney said...

Thanks for the tips John!