Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geezer Grub

Sooo ... I'm having some dental work done and my dentist, Dr. Ima Sadist, hauled off and pulled ALL my dadgum teeth. Sheesh, dat's makin' it kinda hard to eat real food ~ chewin' anything is like tryin' to drive a nail with a marshmellow. So I been on this geezer grub diet of oatmeal, tomato soup, yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese, etc. ~ it sucks. After 5 days of oatmeal (hey, my cholestrol is way down) I graduated to a grilled cheese sandwich last night, topped with some slices of broiled homegrown tomato. Not exactly a big thick ribeye steak, but it beat the hell out of oatmeal. Ol' Doc Sadist, him, he say it might be 2-3 mo' weeks before he gits my new wooden teeth whittled & sanded down ... so my food porn is liable to git real ugly next couple weeks. Lord Have Mercy....(g)

Black Oak Arkansas ~ Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

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