Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Apple/Cherry Crisp With Cashew Streusel

Well, I had one lonely Granny Smith apple in the fridge ... been there for about a week, so figured I oughta do something with it ~ had a few locally grown cherries in the freezer, a lil' butter, brown sugar, oatmeal & flour, cashews, badda boom ... dessert. Something from nothing ... gotta love it. Slide show <---click
Nicolette Larson ~ You Send Me


Anonymous said...

My only dessert is a quarter of a Granny Smith wrapped up in an instant cresent roll baked in simple syrup and butter. Probably a good base to work from to add more fruit or somthing. Your talents are many my friend. Edder

Chez said...

those cashews were really good in the streusel topping ~ nice and crunchy. i also drizzled a lil' my homemade apple/maple syrup over the apples and cherries ... and then also added a lil' dat apple/maple syrup to the heavy cream as i was whipping it ~ dat why the whipped cream kinda an off white color, but it taste gooder'n all git out, ah garrontee! all in all, a very successful experiment, dreamed up to save one lonely lil' apple from the trash can. lol