Monday, December 15, 2008

Ham And Redeye Gravy

Scratch buttermilk catheads, loaded with baked ham & smothered with redeye gravy ~ don't git much better than that for a good country breakfast. I made the redeye gravy with some ham stock from a ham I baked a couple days ago, and some dat good Arbuckle coffee ... even made the roux with fat rendered from the baked ham. Back in the day, the ol' cowpokes would have added a splash the ol' nasty to dat gravy, but me bein' a teatotaler, I opted for a couple three shakes hot sauce instead. Slide show <---click
Charlie Musselwhite ~ Silent Night


Anonymous said...

Mighty good lookin breakfast there Brotherman. I stopped off in Louisville yesterday on the way home from Alabam and had a Hot Brown. Only fair for fourteen bucks. I'd rather paid it for some of them catheads. Edder

Chez said...

yeah buddy ... i've had hot brown on my brain lately ... got it on the docket ... gonna smoke a turkey next week, will make some hot brown then. come on by, i'll set you up a plate, and won't charge you a damn dime! lol