Friday, December 26, 2008

Kaw-Cajun Venison Meatballs

Well ... one the great blessings dat's been bestowed upon me is that I've got many good friends ~ and one them friens, Hawgeye Mike, sends me a cooler full of goodies every Christmas ... and there was some venison in there this year. So, I hauled off and ground it up and made some big fat venison meatballs ~ seasoned Kaw-Cajun style of course ... then smothered them in a good chunky homemade Creole tomato gravy. Whooooboy, 3-2 them meatballs on top some good fluffy Louisiana rice was much mo' better than good, ah garrontee ~ and I'm here to tell ya, sliced cold Creole venison meatballs on a bacon/cheese biscuit is pretty good grindin', too!
Little Walter ~ Mean Old World

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