Monday, December 29, 2008

Breakfast Sandwich

Well, I setttled in to watch some football today ... and couldn't decide if I wanted breakfast or lunch, so I had them both ~ a sesame bun on bottom, homemade sausage patty (texas hot), fried potatoes w/onions and green peppers, shredded cheddar, another sausage patty, more shredded cheddar, a fried egg, smoked chopped bbq pork, carolina slaw, sesame bun lid, splashed with some Rawtalent lemon drop hot sauce. Slide show <---click
Blues Image ~ Ride Captain Ride


MargaritaMadMan said...

Young punks with a Roach Coach, garden variety, artery hardening, breakfast burrito, confront Fat Johnny and his Best girl out for a stroll after dark. Girl quivers in fear of a heart attack, Fat Johnny just laughs and says... "Heart attack... That's not a Heart Attack.... " (whips out the Breakfast Sandwich from his back pocket...) "THAT'S a Heart Attack!"

Chez said...

LOL ~ hey, hey, hey ... it's got a lil' slaw on it! Slaw's good for you, right??