Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Burgers Smokehouse Bacon - End Pieces

This is that great Burgers Smokehouse bacon, end pieces off their premium sliced slabs, that I buy for cooking & seasoning. It's the best buy at the groceria ~ one dollar.

I like to cut the chub of bacon pieces into 6 sections, then indvidual wrap each section and throw them in the freezer. Easy peasy to grab one when I need a lil' bacon to cook with. Frugal too, yeh.

Sections cut & wrapped - ready for the freezer. When you render them, there's no further slicing necessary, as all the pieces come apart during cooking and you have perfect size bacon bits.


Kansas Scout said...

Burgers bacon is the BEST! I will have to look out for this package but I am sure it is not in my store. Love yer blog

Chez said...

thanks podnah. you might ask your meat dept dude if he can bring in that burgers product - my store sells a LOT of it. burgers does not sell this particular item on their web site, either ~ they want you to buy the more expensive stuff. my store uses this item as a loss-leader, to bring people into the store.