Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Let Not Time Deceive You

Walter Roscoe "Boscoe" Eddy 1923-1999

Today is my Dad's birthday ~ born on this day ... August 31st, 1923 ~ he would have been 86 years old today. He was a good man ... a hard-working, God-fearing, wise and moral man. Happy Birthday, Dad ~ I miss you.

Oh let not time deceive you
You cannot conquer time
In headaches and in worry
Vaguely life leaks away
And time will have his fancy
Tomorrow ... or today

W.H. Auden

Glen Miller ~ In The Mood

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cottonwood Sunset

Lone cottonwood tree on the Kansas tallgrass prairie.

Kaw-Cajun French Toast

So, what's a po' plowboy gonna do iffin he git up on Sunday mornin' wit a powerful hunger on him ... and the cupboards is bare ~ huhhhh??? Mais, all I hadda was some day old cornbread muffins and a couppla eggs ... and then I spotted the Steens Cane Syrup and dat sealed the deal. Never heard of cornmeal muffin french toast? Me neither, but it ain't half bad when yer hongry, yeh.

Saturday Night Fish Fry

Mais, I slipped out to the ol' crawdad hole for a couple hours yesterday morning & wet a line ~ caught a few bass & crappie ... threw the bass back and brought home a couple crappie fer supper & had me a lil' fish fry. Sided up that pan-fried crappie wit some fried taters & onions, sliced homegrown t'maters, cornmeal muffins w/honey butter, homemade pickled mixed peppers & some kicked up tartar sauce made wit dat corn chow chow I put up last week.

Fresh cornmeal muffins hot out the oven ~ made wit sour cream and shredded pepperjack cheese.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Must Have Done Something Bad

Merle Haggard ~ I Must Have Done Something Bad

I must have done something bad sometime in my life
And I paid for it time and again
But this time you've hurt me so bad I could lay down and die
And the pain grows each day, ten times ten times ten

If I thought my hand was against you, why I'd cut off my arm
And I'd walk off and leave it behind
And if I thought that you needed money, why I'd sell my own soul
And I'd even steal from the poor ... and the blind

I can't understand how ice can glitter like fire
Why you had me fooled all along
I gave you all I had then I searched around for more
And now I have nothing at all ... and you're gone

I must have done something bad sometime in my life
And I paid for it time and again, and again....


Instead of just a'wishing...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Po' Plowboy's Lunch On A Ritz

Homemade roasted red pepper *pimento* cheese & smoked/pulled pork ... on a Ritz wit a splash of Texas Pete and a frosty mug of beer. Country boys can survive....

Pimento Cheese ABTs

Fresh japs from the Perrydize Garden (albeit a lil' small) stuffed with some kicked-up roasted red pepper pimento cheese, smoked pulled pork, bacon-wrapped & dusted wit Guns Hot ~ ready for the smoker! Short slide <---click

Sunlight Sonata

Makin' hay while the sun shines....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

ABT Prep

OK, so I still got about a dozen or so nice fresh jalapenos from the Perrydize garden ~ decided to make some ABTs ... got some bacon and pulled pork out of the freezer, and went ahead and made the cheese filling ~ shredded sharp Tillamook cheddar, cream cheese, and some homemade roasted red pepper *pimento cheese* ... mix, mix wit some cracked black and a drizzle of dat PoBoy's mustard bbq sauce. Now don't be slappin' yer mama, ya'heah?

Will make the ABTs t'morra wit the split japs filled wit a hunka smoked/pulled pork, this kicked up cheese filling & wrapped wit a piece of bacon and then sprinkle wit a lil' Guns Hot & IQF them fer a Chiefies tailgate party in a few weeks. Gotta love it when all the components of the puzzle fall in mah lap, ah garrontee.

Plowboy's Round Steak

New Lost City Ramblers ~ Pretty Little Miss

Pretty little miss out in the garden
Strange young man came riding by
Down at the gate he did address her
Saying pretty little miss won't you marry me

Oh no my love is on the ocean
Seven years out on the sea
And if he sails seven years longer
No man on earth can marry me

Perhaps your loved one he is drowned
Perhaps he's in some battle land
Perhaps he stole some girl and married
You'll never see your love again

If he is drowned I hope he's happy
Or if he's in some battle land
Or if he stole some girl and married
I'll love the girl that married him

He pulled his hand out of his pockets
His fingers being keen and small
This is the ring you placed upon here
Down by his feet she did fall

He picked her up in arms so tender
Kisses he gave her one two three
This is your little single soldier
Returning home to marry thee

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Townes Van Zandt

Peter Piper Picked A Pecka...

Here's the roasted red peppers you saw in the previous post below ~ love me some country-style garden fresh green beans wit bacon, onions and roasted red peppers.

Roasted red pepper cheese spread.

This is all the pepper scraps (red and green) along with some onions & garlic, sauteed wit some bacon - for to go into a meatloaf dat I got in the oven right now. You din't think I was gonna throw all dem scraps away, didja??

Roasted Red Peppers

Had some nice garden fresh red bell peppers, so I charred them / peeled and chopped & used them to make me a batch of roasted pimento cheese ... and also used some of them in a pot of garden fresh green beans w/bacon and onions. Whooooboy ~ country boys can survive (especially if he gots nice friends wit big gardens, eh?)

Roasted Green Chile Sauce

Made with roasted Hatch chiles and a few red & green japs, onion, green tomatoes, lotsa roasted garlic, spices and herbage, chicken stock, lime juice. Great sauce for topping smoked chicken enchiladas, pork & green chile stew, etc.

This is the roasted garlic that went into this batch of chile verde.

Started the pot with some bacon grease and lotsa onion, when onion was soft I added all the chopped/roasted chiles, green tomatoes, roasted garlic and chicken stock ~ when that came up to temp I blended it smooth & added the herbs, spices & the lime juice, then canned it. Ended up with about 3 quarts ~ canned 2 and froze one.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Is Ford Country

Mixed Pizza Peppers

Well, that's what I call them anyway ~ just an assortment of 4-5 different kinds of chile peppers, some hot and others not so hot ... sliced and pickled in a mild brine. I really like these mixed peppers with pizza and on Italian Beef sandwiches.

Jalapenos and serranos, Hatch and Anaheims, and another great little sweet/meaty orange chile pepper called Sweet Darlings.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Roasted Hatch Chiles

This is about 30 roasted/peeled & seeded chiles, assorted colors, from the Perrydize garden. I also roasted a few red & green jalapenos & tossed them into the mix, just to add a lil' heat.

Roasted, peeled, seeded, chopped and tossed with a splash of lemon juice. That's as far as I got yesterday ~ today, will roast some onions and garlic & puree' the whole shebang with some chicken stock & herbage, for to make some good roasted green chile sauce for smoked chicken enchiladas, green pork chili, etc.
New Lost City Ramblers ~ Crow Black Chicken

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breakfast Biscuit ~ My Way

Smoked pork pistolette, split & toasted ~ topped with a fried egg, sharp cheddar and a sliced homegrown tomato. Can you say: Breakfast McPistolette??

From The Garden Of Perrydize

Went out to the farm yesterday to visit my friends Rob & Robin ~ and they sent me home with a truckload of beautiful fresh produce from their garden ~ this is just some of it. I'm roasting all these Hatch/Anaheim chiles this morning out on the grill over some pecan wood coals, for to make a big batch of roasted green chile sauce.

Sunday Morning Gospel Hour

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smoky Pulled Pork & Kraut Pistolettes

A dozen smoked pork pistolettes ~ hot out the oven ~ buttery scratch dough crusted with coarse sea salt.

Yummy smoky pork, Bavarian kraut and Swiss cheese filling.

This is the filling, before I added the cubed Swiss cheese and mixed it all together ~ note also, the homemade corn chow chow and a squirt of Poboy's mustard bbq sauce. It was a great flavor combination.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Ol' Corn Crib

Old corn crib on the Melton farm in Pottawatomie County, Kansas

Tell It Like It Is, Grandma

Beef Flatiron Ragout

Got up this morning wit an ahnvee for 'sketti ~ pantry scan din't turn up everthang I needed fer 'sketti & meatballs, but after a lil' bobbin' & weavin' I came up wit a plan B ... a rustic eye-talian beef ragout, made wit flatiron steak. I made the ragu sauce completely from scratch, using homegrowed t'maters, evoo, garden fresh bermuda onions, young/green italian marconi peppers off my plant out back in the coonass garden, lotsa fresh garlic, some thin sliced pepperoni, herbage, birdeye chiles, etc ... simmer simmer ... then sliced the flatiron & browned it, poured the ragu sauce over the meat, lid on & into the oven to braise it tender. Slide <---click

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dawg And The Fat Man

Something Fishy About This

Fresh caught perch, homemade taco shells, my corn chowchow tartar sauce kicked up with RT's homemade lemondrop hot sauce, Tillamook cheddar, crisp lettuce, diced homegrown tomatoes, sliced fresh serranos ... and a cold brewski ~ tasty. Short slide <---click

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Neil Young ~ Heart Of Gold

Pulled Pork 4 Ways

Mais, I had a couple guys doing some work on the house for me yesterday ... and part of the deal I made with them was that I would feed them lunch ~ so I made them these 4 pulled pork sandwiches: all with aged white cheddar 1) mayo & horseradish w/homegrown tomato & homemade dill spear 2) homemade corn chow chow & PoBoy's mustard bbq sauce 3) Gulden's spicy brown mustard & dill spear 4) Smoky Mountain Smokers chipotle bbq sauce. Nobody died.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Grass Revival

Brats Ala Fat Johnny

Grilled/beer bathed Johnsonville brats, dressed wit a lil' spicy brown mustard & topped with some my homemade corn chow chow ~ sided up with baked beans and a homemade icewater dill spear.
Johnny Hartford ~ Bring Your Clothes Back Home

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pulled Pork ~ My Way

Smoked/pulled pork, tossed wit my Piedmont-style bbq sauce and topped wit some *red hot slaw* .. served up on toasted homemade pepperoni/asiago bread & sided wit some homemade icewater dill pickles. This sammage sucked so bad, I ate two of them!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Country Farmhouse Breakfast

Sunday is big breakfast day, and I ain't talkin' fruit, granola and yogurt ~ I'm talkin' bacon & eggs!

Fluffy scrambled farm fresh eggs, applewood-smoked bacon, sliced homegrown tomatoes and freshly shredded baby yukon gold hash browns.

Toasted homemade bread w/butter and homemade blackberry jam

Fat Johnny's Red Hot Slaw

Fresh cabbage, bermuda onions, fresh garlic, julienne serranos, mustard seed, celery seed, cracked black, salt.

Hot red slaw dressing poured over ~ made with homegrown tomatoes, vinegar, oil, sugar, dry mustard, etc.

Tossed with the hot red dressing, then chilled overnight. Will go on some grilled brats and pulled pork sandwiches tonight.