Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Corn Mache Choux

I haven't made this since last summer when the fresh sweet corn was in season ~ forgot how good it is. There is a very good reason corn mache choux is so popular, especially in cajun country. It's the perfect pairing of 4-5 simple fresh ingredients: fresh garden sweet corn, bacon, onion, garlic & chiles ~ dressed with a lil' drizzle of butter and some salt & fresh cracked black pepper.

Mice in place, for the corn mache choux. Fresh sweet corn fried in bacon grease ~ gotta love it!


Rawtalent said...

Salsa... mache're gonna make me end up eatin' vegetables...(g).

Chez said...

well aw'rite ... mind yer mama and eat yer vegetables, ya'heah?