Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kaw-Cajun Corn Chow Chow

Well, the fridge & pantry scan yesterday turned up all the stuff to make a batch of chow chow ... sweet corn chow chow. I had 7 big ears of sweet corn and a head of garden fresh cabbage, bermuda onions, fresh garlic ~ went out back to the garden and picked me a few chiles and green tomatoes ... badda boom, an hour later I got a batcha chow chow sittin' on the counter. Funny how dat works, eh?

The corn chow chow before simmerin', canning and processing it.


Pat said...

Damned Yankee here, new to your blog. Shorted out two keyboards already drooling over the keys while reading. Where are the recipes, man? This borders on cruel & unusual punishment.

Chez said...

lol ~ well aw'rite, thanks for stoppin' by my lil' corner of cyberspace. i'm a retired chef ~ just cook for fun these days, and i don't do *recipes* ... i just git up every morning and start cooking. sometimes it sticks, sometimes it don't. always happy to answer a question.

Unknown said...

Hey Chez
Just stopped by and as always it makes me hungry! Your food concotions and photographs are just fabulous. You can just hear it simmering and almost taste it.
Happy Twirls

Chez said...

aw shucks, mzlibby ... yer too kind!

Cajun Chow Chow said...

I've been eating Chow-Chow since I was a kid. Just found your site today. Your pics look great. I am hungry now!