Thursday, August 27, 2009

ABT Prep

OK, so I still got about a dozen or so nice fresh jalapenos from the Perrydize garden ~ decided to make some ABTs ... got some bacon and pulled pork out of the freezer, and went ahead and made the cheese filling ~ shredded sharp Tillamook cheddar, cream cheese, and some homemade roasted red pepper *pimento cheese* ... mix, mix wit some cracked black and a drizzle of dat PoBoy's mustard bbq sauce. Now don't be slappin' yer mama, ya'heah?

Will make the ABTs t'morra wit the split japs filled wit a hunka smoked/pulled pork, this kicked up cheese filling & wrapped wit a piece of bacon and then sprinkle wit a lil' Guns Hot & IQF them fer a Chiefies tailgate party in a few weeks. Gotta love it when all the components of the puzzle fall in mah lap, ah garrontee.

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Joy Tilton said...

Your brain is dangerous! These combos are killer...