Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Roasted Green Chile Sauce

Made with roasted Hatch chiles and a few red & green japs, onion, green tomatoes, lotsa roasted garlic, spices and herbage, chicken stock, lime juice. Great sauce for topping smoked chicken enchiladas, pork & green chile stew, etc.

This is the roasted garlic that went into this batch of chile verde.

Started the pot with some bacon grease and lotsa onion, when onion was soft I added all the chopped/roasted chiles, green tomatoes, roasted garlic and chicken stock ~ when that came up to temp I blended it smooth & added the herbs, spices & the lime juice, then canned it. Ended up with about 3 quarts ~ canned 2 and froze one.


Pat said...

I like the idea of roasting the garlic for added depth. This looks delicious, and is very very similar to a chile verde sauce that my daughter's Mexican in-laws make. A couple of differences, though. They don't use hatch chiles; they tend to use roasted polblanos along with the mixed japs. And they use roasted tomatillos instead of the green tomatoes. Even though we are in the East, we grow them, and they are available at our local farm markets. Although the name tomatillo sounds as though they might be little tomatoes, they are not -- they are actually relatives of the goosebery. I just might make me up 2 batches: one with the green tomatoes & one with the tomatillos to see if there is much difference.

I continue to be amazed at your wonderful pictures -- some of my friends have referred to them as "food porn" because they are unholy pleasureful!

Chez said...

glad you like the pics, patticakes ... and thanks for the props on chowhound!