Monday, August 17, 2009

Pulled Pork ~ My Way

Smoked/pulled pork, tossed wit my Piedmont-style bbq sauce and topped wit some *red hot slaw* .. served up on toasted homemade pepperoni/asiago bread & sided wit some homemade icewater dill pickles. This sammage sucked so bad, I ate two of them!


Nick said...


Would you mind giving me a list of your 8 or 10 favorite BBQ sauces?

Thanks, Nick

Chez said...

Arthur Bryant's Original
Head Country Original
Stubb's BBQ Sauce
Smoky Mountain Smokers
Dumplin' Valley Spicy
PeeDee River Swamp Sauce
PoBoy's Carolina Mustard Sauce
Blue's Hog Tennessee Red
Scott's BBQ Sauce (a Piedmont sauce)
My homemade Piedmont-style sauce

There are hundreds of good sauces, these are just a few of my favorites

Unknown said...

that stuff looks awesome.I love pulled pork.I'm not a big blog reader,but I'll be reading yours.good job with the food and photo's. Scott from Texas.