Friday, August 21, 2009

Beef Flatiron Ragout

Got up this morning wit an ahnvee for 'sketti ~ pantry scan din't turn up everthang I needed fer 'sketti & meatballs, but after a lil' bobbin' & weavin' I came up wit a plan B ... a rustic eye-talian beef ragout, made wit flatiron steak. I made the ragu sauce completely from scratch, using homegrowed t'maters, evoo, garden fresh bermuda onions, young/green italian marconi peppers off my plant out back in the coonass garden, lotsa fresh garlic, some thin sliced pepperoni, herbage, birdeye chiles, etc ... simmer simmer ... then sliced the flatiron & browned it, poured the ragu sauce over the meat, lid on & into the oven to braise it tender. Slide <---click


Joy Tilton said...

This looks amazing, you can do a magic trick in the kitchen. Chez, I am shopping for new cookware and noticed in the slide you are using hard anodized?? There are lots of choices. As a chef, what do you prefer? I want a set I can use a long time. My current set isn't coated and I have a lot of "stickage!"

Chez said...

mzjoy, you can spend a lot of money for fancy calphalon pans ... but i bought a 12 piece set of calphalon knockoffs at sam's club about 8-9 years ago (members mark) for about $150 for the whole set - and they have been great pans. i also use an old griswold black iron skillet a lot, and have a couple pieces of le creuset that i really like.

Joy Tilton said...

Thanks so much for your information. There are so many kinds out there and of course the name brands are sky high. I had looked at Members Mark and they do look like sturdy pans. I like "once and done" things, don't want to have to replace for awhile. Thanks Chez!