Friday, August 14, 2009

Ice Cold Watermelon

See that watermelon
Smiling through the fence
Wish that watermelon it was mine
Sometimes I think that old folks
Ain't got a lick of sense
When they leave that watermelon on the vine


Pat said...

I may need that ice cold watermelon tomorrow. A local farm stand had big, bat jalepenos for $2/peck. Bought 2 pecks. Makin' Cowboy Candy tomorrow. Think I'll buy me some rubber gloves first.

Chez said...

well aw'rite ~ two pecks o' japs will make a lot of cowboy candy! i didn't make any cowboy candy this year (yet) but i did put up a few quarts of bread & butter japs a couple weeks ago. for a good glaze for grilled pork, try mixing some cowboy candy & peach preserves together ... makes a tasty peach/jap chutney.