Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meier's Vegetable Market

Well, I drove over to the north side the mighty Kaw River yesterday morning to my favorite locally-grown vegetable stand. This is the sign in their front yard.

This is JC & Granny Meier coming out the front of their market ~ the story as I know it, they married right after WWII and moved to this farm in Topeka & started growing/selling fresh vegetables ... been doing it now for over 50 years. Their sons, daughters & grandkids now run the business. I was parked in the shade of a big mulberry tree in their driveway when I took this pic ~ the front of the veggie market above is actually in an old barn right next to the original farmhouse (where they still live) and the 18 acres they farm is right behind the barn...along the Kaw River.

Some of the fresh veggies I brought home - making salsa today.


Joy Tilton said...

Love the trip to JC & Granny Meier's farm! They have lived a life many would kill for! Hard work but the satisfaction of knowing how many people enjoyed thier vegetables over the years!

Chez said...

yeah, i always feel real good about doing business with these nice folks ~ gotta support those kinda enterprises ... they're what makes this country great!