Saturday, August 29, 2009


Instead of just a'wishing...


Unknown said...

Seeing your use of, "GONE FISHIN', Instead of just a wishing...", brings up the question, "were you, also, a regular viewer of Harold Ensley's show?"


Chez said...

yep ... anybody ask you where ol' harold is, you just tell'em he's headed out in that red ford country sedan.

Unknown said...

Harold Ensley was a must watch on Saturday nights when I was growing up in Wichita.

Do you remember him using 7-Up in his fish batter recipe? If so, did you ever try it?


Anonymous said...

Hey Ron, My Mother used that 7Up batter all the time. As kids, we would go down to the creek and pull out some cat fish, take em hom and skin em. Mom always had a bottle, no cans in those days, of 7up and away went.
Dad would hand slice some taters about 1/8 inch thick and fry them up in a skillet. Close to homemade tater chips. Well the thin cut ones were.
Those were the good old days, and as John would say.....True Dat.

Barbqr Ken