Monday, May 31, 2010

The Ballad Of The Green Berets

Sgt. Barry Sadler ~ The Ballad Of The Green Berets

Fire In The Hole!!!

Big-assed Porterhouse T-Bone Birthday Steak ~ 2" thick ~ aged choice grade angus ... dusted with DP Redeye Express & charred rare. It did not suck.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Song For A Rainy Sunday Night

Sunday Breakfast On Da Bayou

Lil' snack to hold me over until supper ~ garbage omelette (ham, bacon, tomatoes, onion, green pepper, cheddar) and some spicy home fried 'taters. Gentlemen, start your engines!

Birthday Steak ~ Fire Up The Grill

Going to the grill today with my annual/traditional big-assed T-bone steak ~ aged, choice grade angus.

I also made a couple salads yesterday ~ here's one of them ... an old-fashioned 4-bean salad.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me...

Little Green Tents

Little Green Tents

The little green tents where the soldiers sleep
And the sunbeams play and the women weep
Are covered with flowers today

And between the tents walk the weary few
Who were young and stalwart in 'sixty-two
When they went to the war away

The little green tents are built of sod
And they are not long, and they are not broad
But the soldiers have lots of room

And the sod is part of the land they saved
When the flag of the enemy darkly waved
The symbol of dole and doom

The little green tent is a thing divine
The little green tent is a country's shrine
Where patriots kneel and pray

And the brave men left, so old, so few
Were young and stalwart in 'sixty-two
When they went to the war away

Uncle Walt Mason ~ 1916
Mickey Newbury ~ An American Trilogy

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pea Pickin' Time At Perrydize

My friend, Robin (aka Lil' Missy) is an amazing gardener ~ this is an early morning shot of a row of peas ready for pickin' this weekend. Every year she grows a bounty of veggies, ranging from potatoes, peppers, asparagus, peas, tomatoes, green beans, herbs, etc. When I was a kid growing up on the farm, my folks always had a big garden ... so I love seeing these garden skills still being practiced. Homegrown veggies are a beautiful thing, yeh.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fried Tacos Tonight

Made this Mexican/taco filling with fresh ground sirloin, Vidalia onions, chiles, fried taters, peas, chipotles, cumin, etc ... for to make tacos & burritos. Tonight = stuffed deep fried tacos

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art Linkletter ~ R.I.P.

Ya Mon

"Everybody is going to hurt you ... you just have to decide who is worth suffering for." ~ Bob Marley

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From The "WTF" Files

OK OK ... so I git my cuppa mud and turn on the teevee this morning, to git caught up on the news. First thing I hear is there's a big brouhaha about Venus Williams' underpants & see a big close-up photo of Venus' ass. Jeez ... so I immediately flip from CNN over to FOX and their top story is some kinda big brouhaha about Lindsay Lohan. WTF?? And now you know the rest of the story.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chicken Breast Burnt Ends

Dayum, this was good ~ chunks of bbq chicken breast spun up like burnt ends. Why didn't I think of this before??

This ol' yardbird did not die in vain, ah garrontee!
James King/Longview ~ The Darkest Hour

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yearn For The Burn, Baybee

Hot off the grill ~ Kaw-Cajun BBQ Chicken

Friday, May 21, 2010

BBQ Chicken & Baked Beans

Split chicken breasts ~ trimmed, seasoned and in the marinade overnight ... will fire up the grill tomorrow morning

BBQ baked beans from scratch ~ with Burgers smokehouse bacon, Vidalia onions, Steens molasses and a few other goodies in'em

The Greatest Play In Baseball

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third Rate Romance

Amazing Rhythm Aces ~ Third Rate Romance

Sitting at a fancy table in a ritzy restaurant
He was staring at his coffee cup
Trying to get his courage up
The talk was small when they talked at all
They both knew what they wanted
There was no need to talk about it
They were old enough to talk it out, and still keep it loose

Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
Then he said, "You don't look like my type, but I guess you'll do."
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
He said, "I'll tell you I love you, if you want me to."
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous

They left the bar, got in his car, and they drove away
They drove to the Family Inn, she didn't even have to pretend
She waited in the car and he went to the desk
Made his request while she waited outside
When he came back with the key she said
"Give it to me and I'll unlock the door."

She said, "I've never done this kind of thing before, have you?"
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
He said, "Yes I have, but only a time or two."
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous

A Cold Rainy Soup Kinda Day

Well, I made some homemade stock the other day ~ used some of it to make jambalaya & just used the rest of it to make some hearty soup. I'm not a real big soup fan ~ but sometimes, especially on a cold rainy day, it's just the ticket.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Secret To Hot Pickin'

A few drops of Cajun Power on the frets ~ whooooooboy ... I can't play worth a damn, but a few drops of Cajun Power on the frets and I play bad faster. My friens is always askin' me if I can play *down by the river* ... I'm not familiar wit dat song, are you?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green Stuff For Olga

Mais ... a big ol' plate of jambalaya, bottle of Tabasco and a cold beer ... that should be enough, no? I mean, what else do you need?? Olga (my lil' petite flower, her) gotta have something green on her plate ~ so I hadda haul off and steam some fresh broccoli for her. Sheesh, the things I do for dat woman.

Smoked Andouille Jambalaya

This is why I made that homemade stock yesterday ~ good stock makes for good jambalaya, yeh.
John Prine/Emmylou/Iris DeMent ~ Jambalaya

Odds & Ends

Made this stock yesterday, so I can make some good brown/cajun jambalaya today ~ stock made from smoked pork neckbones and all kinda veggie scraps & peelings that I've been saving (in the freezer) for the past month or so. I simmered it all for several hours, strained & kicked it up a lil' wit some Cajun Power.

What? You've never seen a meatball salad before??

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jerry Jeff Walker

Jerry Jeff ~ Dear John Letter Lounge

Well I guess it finally happened
I'm tired of running 'round
I thank you for waitin' on me
While I was paintin' the town
For years and years you stood by me
Tellin' me I'm ruinin' my life
I'm tired of all these honky tonks
And that fly by night life

Well tonight a bottle stands alone
In the Dear John Letter Lounge
Waitin' on me for company
But I won't be around
Find someone else to take my place
While I rejoin my wife
I'm tired of all these honky tonks
And that fly by night life

Old Ira's tendin' bar right now
Probably wonderin' where I am
Zekey's sharkin' pool, for five a throw
And ol Lucy Fay Lorraine's
Takin' side bets on the game
And old Pop Fox keeps sayin' he's got to go

I'm gonna miss old Jim and all my friends
In the Dear John Lounge downtown
I'm gonna miss ol Willie on the jukebox
Singin' songs round after round
I'm gonna miss the face of strangers
And the steady passers by
I'm gonna miss the Dear John Letter Lounge
And that fly by night life

Old Ira's tendin' bar right now
Probably wonderin' where I am
And Zekey's sharkin' pool, for five a throw
And old Lucy brings the drinks
Takes a side bet on the game
And old Pop Fox keeps sayin' he's got to go

Hi and Lois

Was just getting caught up on the news this morning ~ depressing as hell ~ and found myself longing for simpler times.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Lil' Sunday Acapella Tune

Sunday Breakfast On Da Bayou

Fluffy 3-egg Tillamook cheese omelette topped w/a lil' fresh pico

Sided wit some fried taters & some foo foo fruity stuff


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Color Of The Blues

This is a great ol' country tune, originally by George Jones (on the Crazy Heart soundtrack) ... covered here by my favorite female country singer, Patty Loveless.
Patty Loveless ~ Color Of The Blues

Up above me are the skies
Like a twinkle in your eyes
These things are the color of the blues
In the mail your letter came
Ink and paper looked the same
Blue must be the color of the blues

Blue birds singing in the trees
Seems to sympathize with me
For he's not singing like he use to do
The pretty water in the sea
Still as cold as when you left me
Yes, blue must be the color of the blues

There's a rainbow over head
With more blue than gold and red
Blue must be the color Angels choose
And the blue look that you wore
When you left to return no more
Blue must be the color of the blues

Blue days come and blue days go
How I feel nobody knows
Life is pretty empty without you
There's a blue note in each song
That I sing since you been gone
Blue must be the color of the blues
Yes, blue must be the color of the blues

Kaw-Cajun Andouille/Meatball Poboy

Sometimes a sandwich ain't just a sandwich...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dave Rawlings Machine W/Gillian Welch

Greek Pasta Salad

Just made this pasta salad ~ put kinda of a Greek spin on it w/olives, tomatoes, feta, oregano, etc ... then dressed it with a lemon/pepper vinegrette.

Patty Melt

Fresh ground sirloin burger, topped with caramelized Vidalia onions ... on grilled dark rye with Tillamook cheddar.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kaw-Cajun Meatballs

Thinkin' these bad boys might make a dandy meatball poboy, eh?

Ground sirloin, ground andouille sausage, rice (cooked in spicy/garlicky red Creole gravy), couple eggs, some Cajun Power garlic sauce & Wooster ... mix, mix ... badda boom, dat's a spicy coonass meatball!

First Pic Taken With My New Camera

Mais, that high-fallutin' new camera I bought even came with a *beer goggle* filter on it ... so I decided to try it out, and took this pic of my lil' petite flower, Olga ....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kaw-Cajun Pork Chop A'la Fat Johnny

Double thick center cut pork chop w/andouille, swimmin' in a pool of dat good spicy/garlicky creole red gravy.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bigassed Pork Chops

Just got back from the butcher shop ~ had my guy cut me some manly man pork chops ... these bad boys weigh in at about 12 oz. each. Simple seasoning ~ sea salt, cracked black ~ was gonna go to the grill with them, but decided to go coonass with them instead.

Pan seared pork chops

Smothered with some kicked up homemade creole sauce w/andouille sausage ~ will bake tender. Guess I batter go make some rice now, huh?

Midnight Snack

So ... I ended up with one last, lonely flour tortilla in the fridge, a lil' piece of grilled flatiron steak, about 1/2 cup of homemade chili con carne and a lil' dat beer/chipotle cheese sauce & a piece of Tillamook cheddar ... seemed a shame to throw them all away. Made for a dandy midnight snack, yeh.