Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Pics From The Big Birthday Whooptidoo

Mais ... in addition to Arkie Clarkie's 60th BD, we were also celebratin' MY 59th BD (which is in a couple weeks) ~ these cupcakes above and the pink flamingo cake below were baked by one of the Bunkhouse dudettes. She did an amazing job ~ I was particularly impressed with all the handmade fondant things she made for toppings on the chocolate cupcakes. My favorite was the lil' red crawdad.

Arkie Clarkie's pink flamingo BD cake.

What ... you don't like my manly footwear? My Charlie Dunns are at the cobbler gettin' resoled ... so I was stylin' in my retro Chuck Taylors. The chicks dig a man in hightop Chuck Taylors, no?


Big Dude said...

My 6th grade granddaughter would approve of your footwear as she and her best girlfriend refuse to wear anything but black canvas, high top, Converse All Stars - not matter what else she may be wearing.

Chez said...

well aw'rite ~ dat kid's got good fashion sense!