Friday, May 7, 2010

Lil' Missy Tells A Whopper

Well ... as I mentioned in a previous post, there was some pretty tall tales told at our recent clan gathering ... including a couple big'uns tolt by me (y'all know I never let the truth git in the way of a good story). But the *Fibby* award for the biggest corker of the whole weekend goes to Lil' Missy for her story about the huge feesh that jumped up out the pond & snatched her beer off the edge of the dock. According to Missy, she had just popped the top on a cold Budweiser ... and set it down on the edge of the dock while she was puttin' a fresh worm on her fishing hook ... and dat big fish (she claims it was a barracuda) jumped up out the water and grabbed her beer off the dock ... and about 30 seconds later the empty can floated to the surface, way out in the middle of the pond. We ain't sure how many beers Missy had already drank when this incident *allegedly* happened ... but here she is, telling me how big dat feesh was ~ according to her, he was a whopper!!

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