Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bigassed Pork Chops

Just got back from the butcher shop ~ had my guy cut me some manly man pork chops ... these bad boys weigh in at about 12 oz. each. Simple seasoning ~ sea salt, cracked black ~ was gonna go to the grill with them, but decided to go coonass with them instead.

Pan seared pork chops

Smothered with some kicked up homemade creole sauce w/andouille sausage ~ will bake tender. Guess I batter go make some rice now, huh?


Joy Tilton said...

Rice is nice, but the pork chops will be the main attraction! Glad to see you didn't blow away last night...did you have storms?

Chez said...

mais ... i need some rice to sop up dat good creole red gravy, mzjoy. the severe storms stayed just south of me last night. round 2 tonight.